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Tailored to address enterprise business requirements at the edge, the 6500-D2 is a compact 2RU chassis that cost-effectively extends the flexibility and resiliency of the 6500 platform from the core to the access.

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Provides cost-optimized configuration options for efficient transport of flexible services over 10G to 800G wavelengths
Supports a wide range of service modules, enabling efficient multiprotocol service transport for various business applications
Enables simplified operations and reduced sparing costs with one management system, and reusable cards across various shelves
Leverages AC/DC powering options in a compact footprint and the ability to expand the reach of the access with Outside Plant solutions
Extends the benefits of coherent 100G/200G DWDM to space/power-challenged environments with WaveLogic 5 Nano CFP2-DCO variants
Offers field-replaceable common equipment units, ensuring no service impact during failures for improved network availability

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