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The Cisco® ASR 9000 Route Switch Processor 880 (RSP 880) is the system processor for the Cisco ASR 9010 Router, ASR 9006 Router, and ASR 9904 Router. RSP880-LT is the system processor for ASR 9010, ASR 9006, ASR 9904, ASR 9910 Router and ASR9906 Router. It supports high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet line cards and provides backward compatibility with the Cisco ASR 9000 Series second family of line cardsd. The Cisco ASR 9000 RSP 880 system architecture is designed to accommodate new programmable deployment models and convergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, as required by today’s wireline, Data-Center-Interconnect (DCI), and Radio Access Network (RAN) aggregation applications.

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Highly scalable fabric
● Designed to support high 1-, 10-, and 100-Gbps port densities
● Provides built-in scalability for investment protection

Fabric capacity
● 880 GB non redundant (AS9904, ASR9010 and ASR9006)
● 440 GB redundant (ASR9904, ASR9010 and ASR9006)
● 230Gbps per RSP on ASR9910 and ASR9906

Distributed forwarding-plane architecture
Allows line cards to support independent forwarding for enhanced performance and scale

Memoryless switch fabric
Provides transparent nonblocking, low-latency packet forwarding

Virtual output queuing and arbitration
● Offers service intelligence with prioritization of traffic (unicast and multicast)
● Provides efficient congestion-management mechanism and avoids problems related to head-of-line blocking

Centralized arbiter
Uses an efficient credit mechanism to help ensure transparent switchover with zero packet loss

IEEE 1588 support
Delivers timing services over the packet network efficiently and reliably

Two independent clock source connections: BITS and Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU) DTI
Offers redundant, centralized network synchronization support

Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
RSP880 provides two 32GB SSD’s while RSP880-LT offers two 128GB SSD which allows storing of core dumps and helps reduce the system Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Embedded Universal Series Bus (eUSB) memory port
Provides access to onboard Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash-memory devices for software image storing and upgrades

Front-panel external USB 2.0 port
Provides access to USB flash-memory devices for quick software image loading and recovery

Front-panel LEDs
Provides visual indication of route switch processor status (active or standby), power management, and activity on SSD

Management ports
Provides easy access to system console

RSP880 has 8 cores, 1.9 GHz while RSP880-LT has 4 cores, 2.4Ghz

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